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Text Message Marketing for Retail Stores, Merchants, & Boutique Shops


In recent years, thousands of industry-leading businesses have begun to leverage the power of text message marketing to inspire more personalized, targeted, and engaging digital communications with prospects and customers. Why? The data doesn’t lie — text message marketing is one of the most value-driven and cost-effective ways to deploy marketing messages, sales reminders, notifications, and more.

  • 83% of customers open SMS messages within 90 seconds of receipt.

  • 75% of customers prefer SMS communications for deliveries, promotions, and surveys.

  • SMS messages produce engagement rates 6-8 times higher than email marketing.

  • Businesses experience in-store and on-demand coupon redemption rates of 70-80%.


It's important not to let the data blind your better judgment though. Sure, text message marketing works, but what kinds of messages drive the greatest results? What are the components of a high-powered and results-driven text marketing message? What do retail businesses absolutely need to know before investing in a text message marketing service provider?


Sign Up TODAY and let EHmarketing guide your text message marketing efforts with expert text message marketing tools. Your retail business will have all it needs to deploy powerful text marketing messages that deliver immediate and sustained results.

EHmarketing takes FTC/FCC/DNC compliance very seriously. In an industry effort to protect consumers from abusive texts and phone calls, we encourage you to use the system responsibly or risk Federal Investigation. Thank you

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