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SMS Text Message Marketing

The savviest businesses and organizations know that text marketing is simply texting a marketing message in real-time to large groups of customers simultaneously. Major corporations have been using mass text messaging for over a decade to engage customers and build brand awareness. 

Why Text Marketing is Effective

  • 98% of the population has access to a mobile device capable of receiving SMS

  • 29% of customers who opt into an SMS text marketing service click on links

  • 47% of customers who click through to a business’ website make a purchase

  • Between 30-50% of coupons sent via text messages are redeemed


SMS texts are effective because you are marketing to an already hot lead versus traditional, one-way advertising or email marketing which doesn’t get read. Once customers have opted-in, your business can use this information to incentivize the customer to buy more.


  1. Effective Distribution: Easier distribution of discount coupons than printed media, email or social media.

  2. People Always Have Their Cell Phones: People are less likely to forget their mobile devices when they leave home vs a cut-out coupon or one sent via mail.

  3. Receives More Shares: People tend to share with friends and family any promotions and surveys they find appealing or entertaining.

  4. Better Exposure Than Social Media: Research has shown that just 29% of Tweets and 12% of Facebook posts get read.

  5. Better Open Rate vs Email: People receive hundreds of emails a day and open rates get lower and lower. 

  6. 24/7 Connectivity: People tend to keep their mobile devices on and within reach at all times.


Because of these reasons, your business can rapidly expand your mobile marketing database with a good offer or survey that catches the public's interest. If you come up with a good offer, it's nearly impossible to not rapidly grow your database and customer reach.

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