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Text Message Marketing for Real Estate Agents, Brokers, & Realtors

SMS Text Marketing | REAL ESTATE

The most common question Real Estate pros ask about text messaging... 

Will Text Messaging Work For My Agency?

Brokers and agents are just starting to realize that text messaging is the most effective way to reach their customer base. Consumers are always on their phones, and getting a text message alert has the same magic that “you’ve got mail,” had back in the early ’90s.


(Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks haven’t yet signed up for a sequel, but when they do, it will probably be called, “Ding!”)


Let’s compare text messaging to email, for example. Email is still a juggernaut of most real estate marketing strategies. Yet, the average open rate for email is only around 20%.


Do you know the open rate our real estate customers get with their text messages?  98%


You can imagine why realtors are so excited about texting. But, the question still needs to be answered, “will it work for me?”


I always answer that question with a question: Would you benefit from instant, reliable communication with at least 98% of your customers?


If your answer is yes, that means text messaging will work for you!

But, please, do not just create your account and start messing around. Yes, the tool is easy to figure out how to use, but the tool is not what makes the difference between success and failure.


What makes the difference? Knowing what message to send and when that message will have the most impact.


You don't have to waste time and money on trial-and-error! EHmarketing can help you become a texting expert very quickly, and get a head start on crushing your competition and increasing your leads and sales.

Once again, there's no shortage of real estate agents out there. And in a crowded marketplace, you need to stand out from the crowd.

In order to outpace competitors and sell more homes, choosing and mastering the best marketing channel is critical. That’s why text message marketing is the tool of choice for top real estate agents. It’s the communications channel clients use most and it’s simple, fast, and effective.


98% of all text messages sent from our platform are read by recipients. And 90% are read within the first three minutes. You won’t find numbers anywhere close to that with email, social media, print, or any other marketing channel.


EHmarketing works with a lot of successful real estate agencies, and we’ve learned which messages and tactics work well and which don’t.


Sign Up TODAY to craft highly engaging and informative text marketing messages to prospects and clients.

EHmarketing takes FTC/FCC/DNC compliance very seriously. In an industry effort to protect consumers from abusive texts and phone calls, we encourage you to use the system responsibly or risk Federal Investigation. Thank you

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